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  HOMEPAGE 02/24/2019 4:55am (UTC)

                              BATCH REACHES OUT TO BARANGAY TOPLAND

For four years now, Batch '83 has made the December Outreach an informal and anticipated batch tradition.

Last December 28, batchmates trooped to Barangay Topland as the designated beneficiary of '07 Outreach. Some 250 families eagerly awaited their coming as they gathered around the Barangay hall.
The day started with everyone converging at the Celema's Place sharply at 8 am. From there, the convoy proceeded to Barangay Topland barangay hall where excited residents greeted by them.

The Batch came in prepared with more variety of items given away such as rice, canned goods, milk products, and old toys and books. Before the distribution of the gifts, Batch prexy Bobong Abantao gave an opening remarks, followed by a speech by Dinand Hernandez who donated five sacks of rice. All the other batchmates present were individually introduced and acknowledged. Eva Laplana-Aguillon, a batchmate and a Kagawad of the barangay, acted as the Emcee.

The Distribution of the gifts followed right after speeches were given.
 It was another experience worth remembering.

'Till next December


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President’s Corner
by :Bong Abantao

The Batch ended 2007 with a successful outreach program at Brgy. Topland, Koronadal City on December 28, and annual get-together at the Celema's Place in the evening of the same day. Both were well-attended; I am excited to see the number doubling, if not tripling for our Main Event!Another proof of our commitment to mounting the Grand Alumni Homecomingthis year is the series of meetings that has been happening since January. Words are not enough to describe how relentless and how much hardwork the Core Group has been putting into every meeting and activity.We have 10 more months to prepare. I can only hope we have enough time and that all our efforts will yield good results! But I am confident that we will have a successful one!I am calling on all Batchmates to rally behind your Core Group and the different Committees and give them your usual support and cooperation. If you have not become a "member" yet, please seek out Lorna NOW and express your commitment and support. This is OUR event. OUR turn to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.



Notes from the Chairman
By Julius U.

Few months into the year, we have been faced with odds seemingly insurmountable and tasks that are daunting.

Our spirits are dampened at times, our resolve challenged. Indeed, hosting an event as big as the Grand Alumni Homecoming can truly define not just the individual as a person but the batch as a whole.

We may even encounter problems, both internal ( such as clashes of ideas between and among batchmates), and external, not the least of which is the generation of the all-important funds. For all this and more, there is only one way out, and that is to face the challenges head-on, and come out victorious and shining in the end.

Batchmates, this is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. Let's not be daunted by it. Instead, let's prove that together we can do it. Let's keep working and success won't be that elusive. Carry on, dear batchmates!

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Treasurer's Report
by: Julia Eileen Robleza Chiu

We have recently opened a Batch Bank Account. Gladys Parreno was our very first generous soul who donated P5,000 CASH. For those who want to share their blessings and would want to start donating, you can deposit straight to PBCOM and/or current account #289-10-002324-5 under the names Jose Dindo Abantao and Julia Eileen Chiu.

As of 21 Feb. our closing balance is P15,555.53. Details on our finances can be obtained from me.

Please Email or call me separately.

My thanks too for all those who donated in kind during our December activities! You know who you are and we are eternally grateful!

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